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This is in continuation of my previous post that the DHC has become a go to venue for SEP litigation.

The latest is that Philips has sued VIVO (18.09.2020) and others for infringing its 3G / 4G patents, some of which have already expired.   
The patents in issue are:

(i) IN 275419 (ii) IN 271469 (iii) IN 228133 (iv) IN 221703 (v) IN 211041

Out of these patents,  IN 221703 and IN 211041 have expired.

More precisely, the patents relate to Universal Mobile Telecommunication System / High Speed Packet Access / Evolved High Speed Packet Access and Long Term Evolution.

In the first order of 18.09.2020, I see that Philips (allegedly) had demanded $1  from Vivo.  Whether or not that is FRAND, only will be seen in the course of litigation.  Philips makes the argument that for two years they have been in discussions with Vivo but they have not taken a license.
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The only comment that I would make at this stage is that this matter too is going the same way the other SEP matters have been going.  Same confidentiality club arrangements etc. 

The matter is now listed for tomorrow 12.11.2020, subject to availability of court.

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