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Patent Agent Exam

First published on 07.06.2012
I have over the past year, received many questions from prospective candidates and colleagues regarding preparation for the patent agent examination.  My advice to them has been to regularly read the patent office manual and prepare for claim drafting, specification from specifications made available online at WIPO, USPTO and our very own IPO websites.

To this extent, I have merely pointed the aspirants in one direction, which in my opinion is the right direction.  This approach however, may not be adequate, as seen from candidates in previous examinations experience in Paper-II.  The marks of candidates are consistently lower in paper II as compared to paper I.  See my previous post here and Shamnad’s post here on this issue.  In addition, after the decision of the Delhi High Court in Anvita Singh’s case and Renu Rampal’s case, the written part becomes even more important.  

Therefore, to help bridge this gap, I have decided to help candidates prepare for Paper-II by having a free online course for the same. The course would cover the basics of patent specification / claim preparation and I would provide feedback to all candidates in the course by posting the feedback online, after redacting personal identifying information.  

In the course, I would be providing real specifications from mechanical, chemical and electrical arts, claims, drawings so that candidates understand the basic requirements of claim and specification drafting and secure reasonable marks on Paper II.